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September 19 2017

Martin Parr: we don’t appreciate British photography enough

The Martin Parr Foundation

“I hope it’ll be a place where people can take photography seriously,” says Martin Parr, his distinctive forthrightness in full swing. “A place where people come and share the things that I’ve discovered and have an opportunity to enjoy them. That’s my hope.”

He’s talking about the Martin Parr Foundation, a new centre for British photography and…

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The Martin Parr Foundation   The Martin Parr Foundation   The Martin Parr Foundation   The Martin Parr Foundation   The Martin Parr Foundation   The Martin Parr Foundation  
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Unravelling the world of Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell was the changeling prince of 1970s New York’s downtown music scene. A virtual unknown in his lifetime, the shy Midwesterner was a classical music student who found himself drawn to the transcendent possibilities offered by disco, after a mythical encounter at the Gallery venue in SoHo. From there, he went on to cut a string of the era’s most fantastically strange records, influential on the development of house and hip hop, in between more…

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September 18 2017

How this year’s Emmys were political and oddly hypocritical

sean spicer

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards aired on CBS on Sunday with Stephen Colbert presenting. Naturally, as with all awards shows for the last couple of years and until we leave our dystopian present, things turned political early. Before the ceremonial back-slapping even began Issa Rae made it…

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Dazed Mix: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s new album is her own interpretation of the four stages of life. The first stage resembles the first footsteps of a newborn child and is characterised by wonky, stumbling, percussive work. As the record progresses into the later stages of life, intergalactic melodies intertwine with philosophical themes as the ‘kid’ of the album’s title becomes more inquisitive about their world. These themes – of curiosity, of inquisitivity –…

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Banksy debuts two murals in tribute to Basquiat


Two new Banksy murals have appeared at the Barbican in London over the weekend. The pieces are an “unofficial collaboration” paying homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat and have appeared just days before Britain's first ever Basquiat retrospective opening at the Barbican on September 20.

September has been a busy month for Bansky. The Basquiat murals follow on from Banksy’s read more »

Watch Björk’s stunning ‘The Gate’ video

Bjork The Gate Video

Björk has released her spectacular new video for “The Gate”. Premiered in an installation by Nowness for London Fashion Week over the weekend, the futuristic, CGI-heavy video comes directed by her frequent collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang, with creative direction by Björk,…

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September 17 2017

Fran Lobo's ‘War’ is a feminist dream produced by women

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.47.59

Fran Lobo is a one of a kind. The London-based singer songwriter is currently carving out a niche of her own, creating music that all at once manages to be ethereal, empowering and perfect for a sing-along, and conjuring up comparisons to artists as diverse as PJ Harvey, Grimes and Rage Against the Machine. It’s no surprise then, that an artist who is impossible to categorise and put in a box has created a music video that spans influences across film, music, dance and beyond. War, her…

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Donatella takes over CSM for the Versus Versace show

versus versace ss18 dontella csm london lfw

As a champion of upcoming designers, Donatella Versace has invited Christopher Kane and Jonathan Anderson to the guest design at Versus Versace. Now at the helm herself she still wants to assist the designers of tomorrow and presented the SS18 collection at London fashion school, Central Saint Martins to announce a new…

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versus versace ss18 dontella csm london lfw   versus versace ss18 dontella csm london lfw   versus versace ss18 dontella csm london lfw   versus versace ss18 dontella csm london lfw   versus versace ss18 dontella csm london lfw   versus versace ss18 dontella csm london lfw  
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The young London designers exploring their heritage at LFW

FashionEast asai ss18 lfw london

Racial diversity and fashion are tricky bedfellows. Not because the two don’t naturally go together, but because the fashion industry, in its unending quest for what's next, is guilty of omitting voices and faces of colour, both on the runway and behind-the-scenes.

While there’s plenty of conversation about promoting diversity in fashion, for years these calls have been left only partially answered, with people often unquestioningly profiling and platforming white models and white…

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FashionEast asai ss18 lfw london   FashionEast asai ss18 lfw london   FashionEast asai ss18 lfw london   FashionEast asai ss18 lfw london   FashionEast asai ss18 lfw london   FashionEast asai ss18 lfw london  
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How Perfect Blue predicted a dark age of internet celebrity

perfect blue cover

Perfect Blue debuted 20 years ago this summer, but the poignant message of the dark anime remains current today. The debut of legendary director Satoshi Kon (Millennium Actress, Paprika, Paranoia Agent), and based on Yoshikazu Takeuchi's novel, the film follows a pop idol transitioning into an acting career, who begins to lose her mind as she is stalked by an obsessive…

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Narcos filmmaker shot dead in Mexico


Carlos Muñoz Portal, a location scout for Netflix drug cartel drama series Narcos, has been shot dead while searching for filming spots for the show’s next season.

As the Guardian reports, a friend of Portal’s said he had driven to Temascalapa in central Mexico to take photographs of the location for Netflix. His body was found in his car on a small…

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Peek the Lena Dunham-produced short film with Elisabeth Moss

tokyo project

A trailer has been released for the Lena Dunham-produced short film Tokyo Project, starring Elisabeth Moss and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

As Indiewire reports, the HBO production has a Lost in Translation vibe: Moss and Moss-Bachrach play out a romance as expats in the Japanese capital. The Handmaid’s Tale and…

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September 16 2017

Burberry has officially brought back its check

adwoa aboah ss18 burberry dazed

Tonight, Burberry closed out the Saturday of London Fashion Week with a show that threw it back to their most famous (and controversial) signature. Here's what you missed.

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Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight on the future of fashion

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 17.54.14

When we speak to Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight, it is a few days prior to the premiere of an unorthodox, ambitious, and at the time top-secret project, slotted into London Fashion Week’s schedule where Pugh’s SS18 runway show might have taken place.

Unorthodoxy and ambition are two words that feel synonymous with the duo, evidenced in their work both as long-time collaborators and independent visionaries. As fashion film’s auteur,…

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gareth pugh ss18 nick knight film lfw   gareth pugh ss18 nick knight film lfw   gareth pugh ss18 nick knight film lfw   gareth pugh ss18 nick knight film lfw   gareth pugh ss18 nick knight film lfw  
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The Building That Was Built From Top to Bottom

Marilyn Manson causes chaos with nuns in his latest video

marilyn manson

Marilyn Manson has dropped the visual for his latest track “WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE”, it’s equal parts scary, what-the-fuck-is-this and very Marilyn Manson, of course. The video captures some nuns with leather outfits and deadly weapons, joining the singer to terrorize a family in the suburbs.

It’s the first visual offering from Manson’s soon to be released tenth studio album, Heaven Upside Down, the follow-up to his 2015 release…

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