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May 19 2017

The dangerous, lasting impact fatphobia has on women

Flush art

‘Fat’ is the first thing someone says when they want to insult you. It is the worst thing a woman could be, the benchmark from which every body is judged in our proximity to. It is viciously thrown out by playground bullies to self-conscious children, spat at women who defy normative beauty conventions, and is held as synonymous with disgust, laziness, and nauseating unattractiveness. Fatphobia perpetuates stereotypes about fat people — that we are lazy, selfish, greedy — that are upsetting…

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Photos of Berlin’s freaks and fringe outsiders over 30 years

Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir

The underground icon has spent his life giving a platform to those existing on the outside; whether it’s the dangerous, sexual energy of pre-gentrification NYC, or the horrifying plight of Russia’s homeless community, Zownir’s oracular, monochrome stills shift their viewer’s gaze to worlds that go otherwise…

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Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir   Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir   Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir   Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir   Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir   Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir  
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10 Easy Apartment Upgrades You Can Do This Weekend


Today we remind you a post of creative evolution in its different phases in a project. We boarded a recent work, such as the Market Cultural Center of Getafe, which start from an existing building in a state of neglect and disuse to transform it into a modern building archihtecturally and with great functionality for the inhabitants of Getafe.


As we can see in these images from the main entrance to tue building, while the renovation is complete, it has been decided to maintain the essence of the market of the city as a meeting place and transit of citizens, maintaining the portal and the balustrade of the upper balcony building incorporating the new architecture designed.


First sketches of the project.


In these images you can compare elevations in previous state and elevations of the project designed by A-cero.



Here you can see the first images of virtual work published at the time on this blog and that is significant as the final result respects the creative process.


This project has served to modernize the image of the town of Getafe and energize their daily activity. We are talking about a building tremendously used by citizens and that in these few months of operation its image has become very popular among the inhabitants of Getafe, who have incorporated it into their daily lives. So much so, that is know affectionately as “the piano”.


In these compositions over the first sketches seen the finished work that keeps much formal tune in every process.

Minimalist Bathroom Designs with Black Interior and Glossy Cabinet

May 18 2017

PWR BTTM pens letter addressing sexual assault allegations

PWR BTTM by Ebru Yildiz_41

Queer duo and indie-rock band PWR BTTM were hit with sexual assault allegations May 12, detailed by an anonymous victim on Jezebel and corroborated by posts on Facebook (and elsewhere) from fans who had inappropriate experiences with the band’s singer, Ben Hopkins. The victim accused Hopkins of forcing himself upon her while she was asleep. “I just felt totally powerless in the…

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Three things you never knew about Ghost World

Ghost World 2001 Scarlett Johansson

Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World (2001) remains the toll charge for entry into the world of films about disillusioned teens. Enid and Rebecca, the film’s two leads, are unapologetically pessimistic. Or are they realists? Unconcerned about the dismal prospects most post-graduates face, they bounce around the dog days of summer working a day job (Rebecca), befriending middle-aged men (Enid) and making fun of everyone who crosses their path (“read more »

Ghost World 2001 Thora Birch Scarlett Johansson Ghost World 2001 Thora Birch Scarlett Johansson poster Ghost World 2001 Thora Birch  Ghost World 2001 Thora Birch Scarlett Johansson Ghost World 2001 Thora Birch Scarlett Johansson Ghost World 2001 Thora Birch Scarlett Johansson 
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The Dark Crystal is getting a Netflix prequel series

Still from “The Dark Crystal”

If, like me, your childhood was haunted by Skeksis – the skeletal creatures based on the seven deadly sins from Jim Henson’s cult film The Dark Crystal – then hopefully your impressionable fears have waned since 1982. Why? They’re coming back to haunt a new generation. Netflix has announced a 10-episode series called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, which will return to the alien world of Thra.


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Watch a weird Black Mirror & Orange is the New Black mash-up

Orange is the new black mirror netflix

(Black Mirror and Orange is the New Black spoilers below)

Netflix have unveiled a short crossover clip of Orange Is The New Black and Black Mirror and it's ...weird.

Ahead of the premiere of season 5 of Orange is the New Black on Friday June 9, the streaming service has released a teaser that will toy with our hearts as well as get us excited for the next chapter of the women's prison drama.

“Orange is the New Black Mirror” shows…

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