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July 17 2017

China’s ban on LGBT Internet content is facing backlash

LGBT China

In the wake of the widespread crackdown on LGBT Internet content in China, Weibo, one of the country’s most popular sites, is facing off with a huge amount of dissent. In late last June, the microblogging website, used by over 30 percent of Internet users in China, said that it would be working to “block unapproved video content and work more closely with state media to promote ‘mainstream’ ideas”.

The strict…

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R. Kelly accused of ‘holding women in cult’

R Kelly

R. Kelly has been accused of holding multiple women in a situation described as a ‘cult’, according to new revelations by BuzzFeed News.

The report, by journalist Jim DeRogatis (who has covered R. Kelly for nearly two decades, and who first broke the story of the R&B superstar’s alleged predation of teenage girls), quotes several sets…

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Ai Weiwei and Grayson Perry explore war & terror in new show

Ai Weiwei

Grayson Perry and Ai Weiwei, both vastly different, world-renowned artists, have each explored the age of terror, war and torture we live in. A new exhibition at The Imperial War Museum, titled Age of Terror: Art since 9/11, is bringing them together.

The exhibit, featuring over 40 artists from across the…

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Hercules & Love Affair are reborn in their new video

Hercules and Love Affair - Ominion video

Hercules & Love Affair, the divine disco/house group led by producer Andy Butler with regular collaborators Rouge Mary and Gustaph, are returning with their fourth album Omnion later this year (September 1). Like all Herc albums, Omnion boasts an enviable range of guest vocalists including The Horrors’ Faris Badwan, US singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten, and Iceland’s Sísý Ey. Following the release of read more »

This teen girl film inspired Raf, McQueen & Sofia Coppola

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Recent runways would have you believe everyone’s soon going to look like a vengeful 19th century teenybopper who comes to terms with the fatalistic power of her burgeoning sexuality against the backdrop of a lush Southern Gothic jungle.

From Fendi SS17 and Rodarte SS17 to read more »

gia coppola Gucci The Beguiled McQueen raf1 cavalli Sofia Coppola 
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Beautiful photos bring ancient hair traditions to the future

Medina Dugger’s Chroma

African hair braiding is a technique steeped in history and tradition and has long been a source of inspiration and curiosity. While the recent natural hair movement has brought about a huge change in the way women of African decent style and protect their hair, braiding is a practice that holds centuries-old symbolic and sociological meaning, an important fact that Lagos-based Californian photographer Medina Dugger hopes to highlight with her latest…

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Medina Dugger’s Chroma   Medina Dugger’s Chroma   Medina Dugger’s Chroma   Medina Dugger’s Chroma   Medina Dugger’s Chroma   Medina Dugger’s Chroma  
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What happens when capitalism decides humans are useless?

Lawrence Lek's Play Station

Have you ever wondered whether a robot might be doing your job in 20 years? When I read that Google had funded the Press Association to develop a robot reporter project, I certainly did. But could artificial intelligence (AI) ever do the job of an artist? “Absolutely,” says Lawrence Lek, winner of the read more »

Lawrence Lek's Play Station Lawrence Lek's Play Station Lawrence Lek's Play Station Lawrence Lek's Play Station Lawrence Lek's Play Station Lawrence Lek's Play Station 
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July 16 2017

Feeling low? This museum will text you art to fit your mood

Untitled design

Modern art is going viral thanks to a new "art-texting" service from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Send Me SFMOMA lets art fans text them the words “Send Me” at 572-51 and a keyword, colour, mood or emoji. You get back a piece of art from its collection that matches. 

The service has data on all of the 35,000+ pieces of art in the collection, and will send a picture of the piece, artist, title and date. After…

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The artist that Beyoncé, Solange & Jay Z love to work with


When Jonathan P. Jackson died in a police shootout in 1970 he became an underground martyr. He led a hostage situation in an attempt to negotiate the freedom of three African-American inmates at Soledad Prison in California, including his brother, which has since been named the “Marin County courthouse incident”. The prisoners had been falsely accused of murdering a white prison guard.  

At curator and…

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Arthur Jafa   Arthur Jafa   Arthur Jafa   Arthur Jafa   Arthur Jafa  
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July 15 2017

Frank Ocean splits crowd at Lovebox while Spike Jonze films

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean's performance at Lovebox last night has been causing some controversy, with punters and critics alike split between admiring the understated set and highlighting valid concerns with the sound quality and energy from Ocean.

One thing that couldn't be argued about however, was the strength of the visual display Ocean put on for his "stans" – especially after it was seen he was being filmed on stage by none other than Spike Jonze.


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Solange is a ‘fugitive’ from hospital

Solange at Lovebox 2017

Solange Knowles told an adoring crowd at Lovebox Festival in London yesterday that she had spent the past few days in hospital and was a "fugitive".

Performing a set which included the biggest hits from her latest, black feminism-infused album A Seat At The Table, the star danced her way through the night – finishing with a duet with Sampha, who had performed on the same stage earlier.

The nature of the singer's ailments are unknown, but she…

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How did east London become a hotspot for acid attacks?


On Thursday night, five people were squirted with acid in 72 minutes by men riding on mopeds through Hackney and Shoreditch. Not much is known yet about the victims, other than that some of them are being treated for serious injuries. Videos are circulating of a man having water poured over him by police, and a boy aged just 16 is being held by police in connection with the attack.

In the last couple of years, east London boroughs like Hackney, Newham, Barking and Tower Hamlets have…

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July 14 2017

Chechnya’s head says gays are ‘devils’ and ‘not people’

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.06.48 PM

In the first sit-down interview with a Western media outlet, Real Sports HBO, Chechnya’s head Ramzan Kadyrov called gays “devils” who “are not people”. A close ally of Putin and the man responsible for the “gay purge”, which has killed at least 27 men, Kadyrov denies that gay people even exist, and definitively refuted that they even live in Chechnya.

When initially confronted with questions of how he felt about the reports coming out of Chechnya – gay men being beaten and tortured…

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Five YouTube documentaries to watch while high

“All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” (2011)

After a quick puff-puff-pass it’s easy to be stuck for something to watch while you’re metaphorically glued to the cushions of your couch. Do you scroll endlessly through Netflix until you eventually settle on a rewatch of Planet Earth? Or do you struggle to type in “near misses & close calls compilation” into the YouTube search bar between mouthfuls of ice cream? Then it’s time to shake things up. All of these…

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The Misandrists: riot here, riot now

Fryd Bliss Resting – summer 2017

You can buy a copy of our latest issue here. Taken from the summer issue of Dazed.

Bruce LaBruce on The Misandrists: 

“I’ve always wanted to make a film that is completely centred on women. I’ve made two films that are exclusively about male characters, so I thought it was high time I made a read more »

The Misandrists – summer 2017  The Misandrists – summer 2017  The Misandrists – summer 2017  The Misandrists – summer 2017  The Misandrists – summer 2017  The Misandrists – summer 2017  
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Reviewing Spotify’s popular fake songs made by fake artists

Spotify Piano and Chill playlist

Spotify wield a lot of power in the music industry. Labels fight to get their artists featured prominently on popular playlists, the charts change their rules to accommodate new trends in streaming, and musicians have to settle for whatever royalty payments the tech giant decide to hand down. The company is generally seen to be the one dictating the future of the music industry – and this week, they got caught up in a weird scandal that reveals more about the future than it might initially…

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NYFW might be getting a lot more public

Proenza Schouler SS17

New York Fashion Week is a big talking point at the moment. Joseph Altuzarra has announced that he’ll be following Proenza Schouler and Rodarte to switch NY for Paris, and the entire schedule has been cut by a day.

The latest news is that IMG, the week’s producer, is taking steps to make the whole affair more accessible to the public. Well, kind of. With a new service called “NYFW: The Experience”,…

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The 'Great Stink' of London

Why do graffiti writers get sent to prison for so long?


On the same day that known graffiti writer Vamp was sentenced to 3 years for vandalism, a BBC presenter, Stuart Hall, was given 15 months for the sexual assault of 13 young girls over 20 years, between the ages of 9 and 17. The contrast here is worrying evidence that in the event of two guilty verdicts, the courts seem to place more value on the inconvenience of spray paint on an old brick wall than they do on the lives of underage assault victims.

Disturbed by a justice system that…

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Woman destroys $200k worth of art trying to get a selfie

Woman destroys art taking selfie

Selfies are dangerous. They kill more people per year than sharks do. There were six selfie-related deaths in June of this year alone. Multitudes have slipped off of cliffs to their deaths in pursuit of the perfect selfie, and now, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pricless art has been…

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