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December 06 2019

Kai-Isaiah Jamal T Cooper discuss trans masculinity in new film Man Made

Man Made documentary t cooper trans fitcon bodybuilder

Without realising, I’ve spent my whole life looking and hoping someone like me would look back. As a black trans man, I would wait for the moments another black masc person would pass me on the underground. I’d hold on to all the butches and dykes I know from the generation before mine. I’d fixate on anyone anywhere that allowed a comforting smile to stretch their face in a way only a sibling could. It’s taken 23 years to sit down and watch a documentary that feels like it’s speaking to me.hellip;

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Man Made documentary t cooper trans fitcon bodybuilder nbsp; Man Made documentary t cooper trans fitcon bodybuilder nbsp; Man Made documentary t cooper trans fitcon bodybuilder nbsp; Man Made documentary t cooper trans fitcon bodybuilder nbsp; Man Made documentary t cooper trans fitcon bodybuilder nbsp; Man Made documentary t cooper trans fitcon bodybuilder nbsp;
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Housing horror stories that show the extent of the UK’s rent crisis

Landlord housing horror stories

For a generation regularly derided for its emotional fragility, we’ve certainly endured our fair share of hell. A decade of austerity has ushered in an era of tenant squalor, with one in three privately rented homes failing to meet decent standards, while rent prices have gone up three times faster than incomes since 2010. Damp, mould, leaking roofs, mice infestations, electrical hazards, and gas leaks have become quite literally part of the furniture for Generation Rent. 

One in fivehellip;

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Lena Dunham is producing a new show about high schoolers

Lena Dunham is producing a new show about high schoolers

Since her decade-defining show Girls ended in 2017, Lena Dunham has been busy: she created the comedy series Camping, starred in a Tarantino film, and made some life-changing decisions. Now, the writer is set to produce a new HBO Max show called Generation.

The series is written byhellip;

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People think these glass Miu Miu matchsticks look like... something else

miu miu glass pipes miami basel stool

This week saw the creative masses descend on Miami as Art Basel and Design Miami/ kicked off in the Floridian city. So far, highlights have included Kim Jones revealing his latest collection for Dior (with a little help from Shawn Stüssy), designer Harry Nuriev presenting a Balenciaga sofa, read more raquo;

Leanne Woodley's intricate nail designs are miniature works of art

Leanne Woodley

From digital artists to photographers, body sculptors and hair stylists to make-up and nail artists, in our Spotlight series , we profile the creatives tearing up the rulebook in their respective industries.

Leanne Woodley is an artist and nails are her canvas. Although, she hasn’t always seen it that way. “I’ve really only just come to terms with the idea that I am an artist,” she tells us. “Growing up, I would draw a lot buthellip;

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Headie One is aiming for the sky and above

Headie One

“Didn’t I tell you I’ma ball, as soon as I get home?” The lyrics to Headie One’s latest single, “Home” aren’t just a slick boast of his finances – they also shed light on how tenacious and patient the rapper has had to be to reach the level of success he has over a career that started in the early 2010s and has led to him becoming one of the major focal points of London’s drill scene today.

Thanks to his shrewd and vivid lyrics, coupled with hishellip;

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This general election, racism has been used as a political football

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.27.03

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how powerful the political imagination is. Our investment in the political imagination is radical – imagining the simple pleasure of a life worth living, where our proximities to death and suffering are not defined by hierarchies of race, class, gender, sexuality and citizenship – is the very foundation of collective solidarity. A better future relies on our capacity to come together and demand the change we imagine individually. It relies on nothellip;

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RIP Billie Eilish’s slim green roots

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has always been experimental with her hair, swapping silver for blue, blue for turquoise, turquoise for black, always with ease. When she read more raquo;

This book celebrates ten years of Crack, the decade’s best music magazine


Starting a magazine has probably not been an advisable move for anyone in the last couple of decades, but somebody failed to tell Jake Applebee, the founder of Crack magazine: “We started ten years ago just after the recession. We had no money. We lived with our parents, did waitering on the side and bar work in the evenings to make it work. It was very tough and stayed that way for at least two years.”

Having pushed through those trying early years, Crack has nowhellip;

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Crack-Book-Landscape-Gallery-1 nbsp; Crack-Book-Landscape-Gallery-2 nbsp; Crack-Book-Landscape-Gallery-3 nbsp; Crack-Book-Landscape-Gallery-4 nbsp; Crack-Book-Landscape-Gallery-5 nbsp; Crack-Book-Landscape-Gallery-6 nbsp;
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TikTok is censoring LGBTQ+, fat, and disabled users to ‘prevent bullying’


After an investigation in September revealed that TikTok’s moderation guidelines resulted in pro-LGBTQ+ content being banned from the app, the social media app is under fire again after it admitted to a set of policies that had suppressed the reach of content of users “vulnerable to cyberbullying”.

Listing examples of users “susceptible to bullying or harassment”, the misguided policyhellip;

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Exploring ‘devil lips’, the Russian plastic surgery Instagram trend

devil octopus lips russia filler plastic surgery

In 2017, a viral trend swept the internet, titled ‘wavy brows’, it saw beauty influencers and fans of the trend drawing their eyebrows on in a wavy pattern – often created with a little help from Facetune. Two years on, there’s a brand new Instagram trend to match. 

Though its origins are unknown, it’s believed to have been started by a Russian plastic surgeon (as many of the strangest beauty trends do) called Emelian Braude.hellip;

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