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February 19 2016

Lady Gaga’s top five fashion designer collaborations

Marc Jacobs AW16

If you’d missed the steady stream of backstage shots on social media, you would have been forgiven for failing to notice one very famous face on the runway at Marc Jacobs. Amongst model favourites Peyton Knight, Kendall Jenner and Molly Blair walked Lady Gaga, almost unrecognisable as an outsider –…

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Marc Jacobs AW16   Marc Jacobs AW16   Marc Jacobs AW16   Marc Jacobs AW16   Marc Jacobs AW16   Marc Jacobs AW16  
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Bror August gets inspired by never having had a boyfriend

Bror August AW16 New York Harry Potter

New York’s underground designer scene often feels more like one big, extended family than anything resembling the fashion industry. This season’s breakout designers are often last season’s interns, encouraged by their friends at the labels they’re working at to strike out on their own. For August Vestbo of Bror August, who made its NYFW debut on Wednesday, it was no different. “I started interning for Vaquera, and then for read more »

Bror August AW16 New York Harry Potter Bror August AW16 New York Harry Potter Bror August AW16 New York Harry Potter Bror August AW16 New York Harry Potter Bror August AW16 New York Harry Potter Bror August AW16 New York Harry Potter 
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Can pop music be a political weapon?

Police in Beyonce’s ‘Formation’

After Beyoncé dropped her surprise music video for Formation, and then slayed with a Black Panther-inspired Super Bowl performance, she introduced a whole new audience to the Black Lives Matter movement. So it was kind of inevitable that at some point, the haters were going to emerge – even if only two people ended up turning up to a planned anti-Beyoncé…

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Watch this exclusive fashion film featuring Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka

Set against a West Coast backdrop of palm trees, empty pools and a pastel skyline, Ben Toms captures Kiernan Shipka’s dreamy, Americana otherworld in his latest fashion film, styled by Robbie Spencer. Shot during Shipka’s spring 2016 issue cover shoot, it brings that series of images to life. Explore the full print edit of images from the shoot read more »

Small Closet Products to Organize Your Wardrobe

YKK hosts first fashion exhibition in its London showroom

Mason Jung - sleeping Suit3 Kenji Hirasawa

Despite the current debate surrounding fashion’s breakneck pace, there have always been certain designers who have skirted around the speed of the fashion calendar. One such creative is the South Korean-born, London-based menswear designer Mason Jung, whose work is being spotlighted in an exhibition at the recently opened YKK London Showroom in Shoreditch. Keeping in sync with the left-field principles that formerly landed him a place at…

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The badass girl gang calling BS on your fake online persona

group 3 edit 1 copy

Skinny Girl Diet have been at the forefront of London’s feminist scene for awhile now. Championing their own brand of politicised punk and calling BS on inauthentic labelling and the commodification of subculture, a recommendation from punk icon Viv Albertine – for most – could be a lot to live up to. But Skinny Girl Diet we’re never going…

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Vaquera shut down NYFW with anarchic show

Vaquera AW16

Although Vaquera didn’t have the closing slot at NYFW, on Wednesday night their riotous AW16 offering certainly shut it down. Patric DiCaprio and his new recruits David Moses and Bryn Taubensee staged their show at China Chalet, a Chinese restaurant in the Financial District, taking inspiration from 80s and 90s Westwood and…

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Vaquera AW16   Vaquera AW16   Vaquera AW16   Vaquera AW16   Vaquera AW16   Vaquera AW16  
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Music you may have missed in the last three months

Zachary Cole Smith from DIIV

The past three months have been crammed with twists and turns: Kanye West finally released his punk gospel odyssey The Life Of Pablo via a truly chaotic public unveiling, Rihanna came back into our lives and speakers for good with sexy stoner creation…

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Aspen Frost Patterned Paint Roller by NotWallpaper

by Notwallpaper
Paint anything and everything from your walls to your floors and everything in between with NotWallpaper brand patterned paint rollers!
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