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May 26 2017


Our series of stone sculptures, created by Joaquin Torres & Rafael Llamazares, represent the aesthetic of A-cero.

Totem sculpture white high-See here Totem Sculpture gray high-See here totem sculpture little white-See here totem sculpture small gray-See here Sculpture large trapezoid white-See here Sculpture large trapezoid gray-See here Sculpture trapeze small gray-See here Sculpture trapeze small white-See here

Choosing the marble black and white as a meterial fots durability, strength, endurance and elegant aesthetic it has.

Clean lines, combining including creating a multitude af angles for contemplation.

Set sculptures Mod.5-See here

Many of these are pieces that fit together, creating spectacular compositions and achieving a balanced movement.

Set of sculptures Mod.6-See here     Set of sculptures Mod.7-See here


Totems large and elegant, architectural renderings, balanced forms…Art and architecture inuted in creation.

Marble cube-See here

Thanks to its desing we can choose a composition where vertical or horizontal planes sought. Elements that will bring the essence of A-cero to every corner of your house.

All this and more in our store A-cero In C/Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 2 Madrid, or visit our web www.a-ceroshop.com

Want to work on Hayao Miyazaki’s last ever film?

Totoro Ghibli Miyazaki

After years of pretending to retire, Studio Ghibli’s OG cofounder Hayao Miyazaki – director of such classics as Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke – is coming back to create one final film. A producer on the film, Toshio Suzuki, confirmed as much earlier this year at an Academy Awards press event, saying, “Right now in Tokyo, he’s putting all his effort into making it.” Best of all? You can work on it.

As Indiewire read more »

The film told from the perspective of a gender-neutral kid

Still from “They”

Iranian-born director Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, whose name you might recognise from Dazed’s Females First series, has toyed with themes of identity and solace-seeking in short films such as parent-kid role-swapping drama When the Kid Was a Kid (2011) and

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Ariana Grande in new letter: ‘We won’t let hate win’

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has written a long letter showing her remorse for the May 22 attack in Manchester, which killed 22 and injured 59. She posted the letter to both Twitter and Instagram Friday.

“There is nothing I or anyone can do to take away the pain you are feeling or to make this better,” she wrote. “However, I extend my hand and heart and everything I possibly can give to you and yours, should you want or need my help in any way.” She added, “We will…

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Breaking down Balenciaga, era by infleuntial era

balenciaga collage

Balenciaga is once again the Parisian brand to watch, thanks to Demna Gvasalia and his clever juxtapositions of haute couture and streetwear. But while watching his high fashion windbreakers whizz down the runway, not much thought is given to the designer who gave his name to the house. The V&A is changing this, with a read more »

dazed balenciaga magazine editorial fashion  dazed balenciaga magazine editorial fashion  dazed balenciaga magazine editorial fashion  dazed balenciaga magazine editorial fashion  dazed balenciaga magazine editorial fashion  dazed balenciaga magazine editorial fashion  
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Giant Hand Sculptures Around The World

The only tracks you need to hear this week


This week’s playlist starts with Korean-American DJ/producer/vocalist Yaeji’s mesmeric cover of Drake’s “Passionfruit”, and it stays warm and summery from there. There’s dance tracks like “Face to Face” by Daphni (aka Caribou’s Dan Snaith), which seems tailor-made for summer festivals; there’s the lite touch of “Further” by Montreal’s TOPS; and there’s “Soft Porn” by south London songwriter…

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The spirit-chasing, cross-dressing men of outer Tokyo

Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 8

It’s 8am on a Sunday morning and I’m walking along a deserted freeway in Edogawa-ku, a district on the outskirts of Tokyo. Unsure if I’m heading in the right direction, I ask a couple walking their dog the way to Shinzoin Temple. “Shinzoin Temple? Why are you going there?” I tell them there’s a small festival happening where men dress up as women and then run about the streets. He looks at me with a blank expression and points down the road.

I turn down a side street beside a…

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Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 3   Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 8   Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 9   Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 14   Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 15   Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 3  
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John Waters on Divine, Trump and feminism

John Waters, Beverly Hills John, Sprüth Magers Gallery

In 2015, John Waters, the filthy iconoclast behind Pink Flamingos and Divine’s sparkling filmic career, gave a now viral commencement speech to students at Rhode Island School of Design. The transcript has now been made into a book, Make Trouble. Speaking to read more »

Rottingdean Bazaar and Art School to make MAN runway debut

fashion east man ss18 rottingdean bazaar art school

When it comes to up and coming London design talent, MAN has its finger on the pulse. The Fashion East and Topman initiative has helped launch the careers of the likes of J.W.Anderson, Charles Jeffrey, Grace Wales Bonner and Kim Jones, to name a few. Back for its 25th season, the fast…

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fashion east man ss18 rottingdean bazaar art school   fashion east man ss18 rottingdean bazaar art school   fashion east man ss18 rottingdean bazaar art school   fashion east man ss18 rottingdean bazaar art school  
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That Balenciaga logo carpet is back

balenciaga campaign aw17 carpet logo johnny dufort

Remember the logo-branded carpet that made up the set for Balenciaga’s AW17 show? Well, it’s back, starring in this season’s campaign and this time not only covering the floor but the walls too. Shot by Dazed contributor Johnny Dufort and styled by Lotta Volkova, the portraits have almost a school…

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balenciaga campaign aw17 carpet logo johnny dufort   balenciaga campaign aw17 carpet logo johnny dufort   balenciaga campaign aw17 carpet logo johnny dufort  
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A$AP Nast on fashion, teamwork & doing it for yourself


“I’m just really fucking out here,” A$AP Nast says over the phone from Los Angeles calmly, “that’s how I’d describe myself.” Nast is one of the core members of Harlem’s A$AP Mob, a crew comprised of rappers, producers, video directors, fashion designers and various other creatives that formed at the back end of the 00s. Alongside his cousin, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg and the late A$AP Yams amongst others, Nast has helped transform the US rap landscape, flourishing in creative spaces…

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Converse X Carhartt WIP   Converse X Carhartt WIP   Converse X Carhartt WIP   Converse X Carhartt WIP   Converse X Carhartt WIP   Converse X Carhartt WIP  
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Chechen politician was present during the torture of gay men

ramon kadyrov and magomed daudov

Human Rights Watch has released its report on the gay purge in Chechnya. According to the investigation, the mass abductions and torture began with the approval of Magomed Daudov, the speaker of the Chechen parliament, who had been told once the first men were detained and their phones checked for contacts of other gay men.

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Confirmed: cocaine is really addictive


Cocaine might be much more addictive than we originally thought – with a new study warning that it can get people hooked even from the very first use. 

According to research published in Scientific Reports, the drug can trigger a dopamine release in the part of your brain responsible for cravings. This reaction is common in people who have already developed addictions, but…

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19 Japanese Soaking Tubs That Bring the Ultimate Comfort
Contemporary Home Radiator Designs with Ergonomic Layouts

May 25 2017


Today, the architecture studio A-cero, directed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, presents a selection of hotels designed nationally.


It is about eight rental flats built in an old building on Serrano street that has been completely renovated to offer spacious, bright and decorated apartments according to the modern and clean A-cero style in this central area knows as “la mile of gold of the capital”.


Renovation and interior design project for a hotel located in the north of Spain. It is the conversion of a dining hall for events, a suit lounge, a sushi bar restaurant and the outside terrace.

On the top floor of the hotel we find a suite room that has the possibility of becoming a space for events. As a suite, it is composed of a more private area where we find the bedroom with bathroom and a common area with dining table.


The space has been divided into three zones differentiated by its use. In the central part, surrounding the fountain is established a zone of tables for lunch where in turn the space is divided according to the capacity by glass screens. To the sides, under two pergolas we find two newly differentiated areas. In one of them there is a long bar with high furniture (tables and stools). The other end is a chill out area with more privacy consisting of armchairs and low tables.


The concept of the proposal comes from a fundamental premise, to make this hotel a landmark in the center of the capital, as a complement to other emblematic buildings and that is, by itself, a very attractive, different, and outstanding element on the rest of the stablishments of the capital.

In the view towards the Plaza, the main facade is divided into two volumes separated vertically, which are framed within it. Both emphasize the volumetric set of boxes that, standing out from the facade plane with different inclinations and highlighted by the illumination, contribute to eliminate the sensation of repetition and heaviness in which a building of these characteristics could fall, besides breaking the uniformity of the rooms.

The architecture of the building is present in the aesthetic of the interior. In this courtyard both the interior design and the landscaping of the garden reminds of the volumes of the facade. In front of the balconies, finished in slanted panels of corten steel, suspended luminaires are also inclined, with an orthogonal design.


The building is resolved with organic forms that unify the different spaces of the program and link with the same language the main building and the space of the adjacent large square.

From four large curved walls are articulated plants. These walls, with a marked sculptural character, are folded and transformed by interrelating and unifying the different volumes so that they become a “whole” that gives the whole of a characteristic image capable of bringing together, with a single language, the different spaces of the program.


The building stands on an elongated plot of 13000 m2 where formerly there was a spa. The terrain extends along the river bank on one side and, on the other, is bordered by the road leading to Vigo. In the vicinity there is a spring of sulphurous waters.

The spa hotel includes: 23 double rooms, relaxation rooms, treatment cabinets, gym, wet areas and restaurant.


The owners of the building thought of A-cero for the design of the terrace of the hotel located on the ground floor and, according tot he innovative concept of the hotel complex, A-cero developed a different and creative proposal that breaks radically with the previous terrace of the Silken Puerta America.

A proposal based on a series of dynamic structures that rise providing shade during the day and illuminating the area at night.

A-cero also designed a clean and avant garde furniture in line with the design that dominates the hotel.

10 Vintage Furniture Design Styles That Are Deserve a Rebirth in Your Home

David Lynch isn’t quitting film for good

david lynch

Millions of diehards who genuflect at the altar of David Lynch wept collective tears when the director seemingly confirmed that Inland Empire (2006) would be his last ever feature film. When asked point blank whether Inland Empire was his cinematic curtain call, he responded, “Yes it is.”

“Things changed a lot,” Lynch previously said. “So many films were not doing…

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