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September 20 2017

Armando Iannucci film The Death of Stalin faces Russia ban

death of stalin

Armando Iannucci’s black comedy about the aftermath of Joseph Stalin's death is facing a complete ban in Russia. An advisor to the culture ministry is labelling the film a “planned provocation”.

The Death of Stalin, which aired at the Toronto Film Festival last week, stars Adrian Mcloughlin as Stalin, Michael Palin as the Soviet leader’s protégé Vyacheslav Molotov, and also features Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor, and Olga Kurylenko. It’s a pointed satire that traces the…

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Gucci references Marlboro, Evel Knievel & Disney for SS18

gucci alessandro michele ss18 mfw milan

Milan fashion week has arrived, today opening with the always extra Gucci. Following last season’s futuristic space-age collection, Alessandro Michele transformed the show’s space into a somehow modern ode to civilisations lost – here are our highlights.

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gucci alessandro michele ss18 mfw milan   gucci alessandro michele ss18 mfw milan   gucci alessandro michele ss18 mfw milan   gucci alessandro michele ss18 mfw milan   gucci alessandro michele ss18 mfw milan   gucci alessandro michele ss18 mfw milan  
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This music video celebrates sexual identity & urban romance

Tafari - EIIR video

“I wanted to be a part of something which inspires unity in people,” says model Reece King of Tafari Hinds’ “EIIR” video in which he co-stars. He sees the project as “something that supports anyone and everyone and encourages us to connects despite or beliefs.” What’s striking about the London-based singer’s new video, though, is that all of this energy – this desire for unity and emotional collaboration – is channeled through a single couple, who find each other in a limitless urban…

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Ezra Koenig breaks down his new Netflix anime

Neo Yokio

Lately, Ezra Koenig has been very busy. He’s been working on Vampire Weekend’s highly-anticipated fourth album,  their first since 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City, which he recently said was “close to being done”. He’s also been putting together Neo Yokioan anime (or, more accurately, an homage to anime) series that he created and wrote.

The show, which has been years in…

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Avril Lavigne most ‘dangerous’ celebrity to search online

Avril Lavigne

A study has found that searching for Avril Lavigne online could prove pretty risky: not because you’ll fall into the deep dark abyss of Twitter conspiracy threads and body double plots, or that you’ll start substituting numbers for l3tt3rs in a bid to make it 2004 again. A Cybersecurity company has revealed that searching for the “Sk8r Boi” singer leads fans to viruses and malware.

In the report from McAfee that “reveals which…

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Pablo Escobar’s brother advises Narcos team to hire hitmen

pablo escobar

The brother of notorious cocaine boss Pablo Escobar has warned that Netflix should tighten security and “provide hitmen” after a location scout for Narcos was shot dead in Mexico.

Carlos Muñoz Portal was found dead in his car near Temascalapa in central Mexico – he had been taking photographs of new settings in Mexico, as the popular TV series about Escobar’s rise and fall had planned to move from…

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Lanterns Of The Dead

September 19 2017

Sex please, we’re British! Fashion week’s kinky inspirations

Atomage magazine

Christopher Kane’s SS18 collection aired the dirty laundry of suburban Britain: the filthy, kinky or emotionally chaotic goings-on beneath the pristine veneer of domestic life. You know, white net curtains with a group of swingers going at it in the living room behind them; a housewife sobbing silently while piping the icing onto a perfect cake – that kind of thing.

And it wasn’t just Kane. Over at Burberry, read more »

11.6 1.2 7.5 8.6 8.11 16.2 
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Drag star Violet Chachki on her Dilara Findikoglu LFW debut

Dilara Findikoglu ss18 lfw london

Last night, Dilara Findikoglu presented her first runway presentation at LFW. Styled by Another Man’s fashion director Ellie Grace Cumming, it featured non-traditional models and some famous faces you might have recognised – like goth queen and tattoo artist Grace Neutral and rapper Brooke Candy. Also joining the show’s cast was…

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Dilara Findikoglu SS18 london lfw   Dilara Findikoglu SS18 london   Dilara Findikoglu SS18 london   Dilara Findikoglu SS18 london   Dilara Findikoglu SS18 london   Dilara Findikoglu SS18 london  
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Pepe the Frog creator takes legal action against alt-right


Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog, has been involved in an increasingly tense battle with the ‘alt-right’. In several bids to reclaim his character from the man baby fascists, Furie has killed off his character in his comic book and relaunched him as a cool, non-racist frog; he’s also gone after an Islamophobic children’s book that used Pepe and infringed on his copyright, forcing the book's creator to donate his profits to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Now, Furie…

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Gossip Girl is just The O.C. without the heart

The OC vs Gossip Girl

Back in February, we mourned the 10-year anniversary of the end of teen TV’s most game-changing show: The O.C. Just seven months after The O.C.’s ridiculous finale, then-31-year-old creator Josh Schwartz had a crack at dominating the landscape of teen TV once again with Gossip Girl. And, all things considered, he did a pretty good job. Gossip Girl overall…

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Watch Missy Elliott’s amazing performance of ‘She’s a Bitch’

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott opened the VH1 Hip Hop Honours show with a full flames performance of her 1999 hit “She’s a Bitch”. The night was celebrating the hip hop greats of the 90s era – Lil’ Kim, Mariah Carey and more – and the rapper set things off to an incredible start.

Performing her single from her second album, Da Real World, Missy rebooted the original Hype Williams-directed video, visually referencing the slick, dark production by dressing in…

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The Full Revolution of Nicki Minaj


Taken from the autumn/winter issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here

“You know what?” Nicki Minaj says, catching a laugh in the back of her throat. “This era will be a billion times more epic than anything ‘Anaconda’ could have delivered. I think this era…

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Nicki Minaj – autumn/winter 2017   Nicki Minaj – autumn/winter 2017   Nicki Minaj – autumn/winter 2017   Nicki Minaj – autumn/winter 2017   Nicki Minaj – autumn/winter 2017   Nicki Minaj – autumn/winter 2017  
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Beyoncé’s Lemonade vinyl accidentally filled with punk songs

Beyonce Lemonade Zex

A striking lemon-yellow vinyl press of Beyoncé’s Lemonade is a must-have for any superfan of the Houston-born singer, but a mix-up at Columbia Records meant that a small minority of listeners awaiting the 2016 album’s A-side were left wondering why five thrashing punk tracks had been etched into the wax.

Instead of hearing “Pray You Catch Me”, “Hold Up”, and “Don’t Hurt Yourself”, fans got half of Canadian band Zex’s 2017 album Uphill…

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All the pictures from Dazed & Burberry’s post-show pub party

dazed burberry party fashion week london lfw

On Saturday night, Dazed and Burberry took over the Betsey Trotwood pub in Clerkenwell for a very British post-show knees-up – think gin, Burberry check matchbooks and fancy fish finger sarnies (thanks HIX!). As well as Burbs’ September collection (featuring stacks of tartan, pastel plastic macs and of course, those infamous caps), the party was also to celebrate the launch…

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dazed burberry party fashion week london lfw   dazed burberry party fashion week london lfw   dazed burberry party fashion week london lfw   dazed burberry party fashion week london lfw   dazed burberry party fashion week london lfw   dazed burberry party fashion week london lfw  
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Puzzling Gravestones
The Outer Trial Bank

Daria meets Black Mirror in this surreal animated short film

Margot Bowman’s Summer of Hate

Sex and politics aren’t the most attractive of bedfellows, but, in Margot Bowman’s world, their impact on one another is undeniable.

In an animated short film commissioned by Channel 4’s Random Acts initiative, titled Summer of Hate, Bowman takes us back to Summer 2016 (I know, frightening – stay with us). It follows a woman named Summer and her dog Ego as they leave their homeland in the midst of a Brexit-like crisis. Feeling…

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