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November 17 2017

Four times the runways referenced Suspiria

Suspiria dario argento film italian

It’s lurid, it’s bloody, it passes the Bechdel test with flying colours. Dario Argento’s giallo horror Suspiria is an undisputed classic of the genre. With mysterious goings-on (and a couple of sudden, very cinematic deaths) at a German ballet school, an American student is faced with unravelling the truth of the supernatural forces at play. The resulting film is 100 minutes of dizzying vivid…

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So, a student hung up a Swastika banner at CSM

central saint martins nazi swastika london college

When it comes to art and fashion schools, Central Saint Martins is among the most prestigious. Earlier this month, the London college was top of the Business of Fashion’s Global Fashion School Ranking for the second year running.

CSM is known for other things too – its unofficial tote…

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How can feminist & queer practices impact future technology?

Post-Cyber Feminist International

Currently, at London’s ICA, a five-day programme that brings together thinkers and artists who are advancing discourses of how cyberfeminism has emerged over the past two decades, is underway. Moving through the realms of philosophy, art, performance, politics and gender theory, Post-Cyber Feminist International marks two decades since The First Cyberfeminist International was held in Germany in 1997.

According to the programme’s press release, “we are living in a…

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Post-Cyber Feminist International   Post-Cyber Feminist International   Post-Cyber Feminist International   Post-Cyber Feminist International   Post-Cyber Feminist International   Post-Cyber Feminist International  
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American Horror Story’s Ally – always lied to but surviving


“I’m sorry, are… are you saying you believe me?” Ally (Sarah Paulson) asks breathlessly in a midseason episode of American Horror Story: Cult. She’s just told Sally Keffler (Mare Cunningham), a middle-aged Berkeley grad and the only local citizen willing to run against Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) in the upcoming city council election, that Kai is heading a murderous cult and that her life could be in danger.

When Sally tells her she does believe her, Ally’s response is one of…

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St. Vincent drops galactic new video for ‘Pills’

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 3.25.45 PM

St. Vincent has premiered her latest visual from her vinyl-slick album MASSEDUCTION, “Pills”.

The video features some futuristic humanoids a la the Jetsons ingesting pills, dancing like erotic dolls. It’s very much in the same titular, hyperreal world of videos like “New York” and the freaky cosmetic surgery in “read more »

Why I love Absolutely Fabulous


When I was eight years old, I made up my mind that I wanted to become an actress, thanks in part to an admiration of the 1990s comediennes I saw on TV; from Miranda Richardson as the petulant ‘Queenie’ in Blackadder, to the troupe of women in Channel 4’s Smack The Pony. Above all, however, I loved the work of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, and though my acting dreams fell by the wayside, a penchant for the dramatic seemed to follow me wherever I went over the next 20…

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Drag star Violet Chachki fronts a major lingerie campaign

violet chachki

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chachki has been revealed as the face of Playful Promises’ new campaign, becoming one of the first drag queens to front a women’s lingerie line. INSPIRED.

The collection, taking major direction from 50s fashion icon Bettie Page, features Chachki as the embodiment of a fierce pin-up star, particularly fitting given her 50s drag persona. “Bettie Page has been a big inspiration for my drag character,” Chachki read more »

Watch Yaeji’s dazzling new video for ‘Raingurl’


Yaeji brings her brolly to the club in the video for “Raingurl”, a highlight from her acclaimed new EP released this month.

The New York producer has announced herself as one of electronic music’s most exciting prospects this year, with a pair of EPs blending house and techno with softly-sung vocals in Korean and English. It’s kinda like ASMR you can dance to.

Yaeji describes “Raingurl” as a tribute to those moments in the club when you find yourself lost in introspection…

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Listen to Jaden Smith’s new album ‘SYRE’


Jaden Smith – actor, musician, existentialist thought-machine – has finally released his debut full-length studio album Syre.

The mammoth 17-track album features collaborations with A$AP Rocky and Raury, and includes previously released songs “Batman”, “Fallen” and “Watch Me”. It also features 14 other unreleased tracks including “Lost Boy”, “Breakfast” and “Rapper”.

Despite this big music drop, Jaden has yet to fulfil his promise of a read more »

Cute photos of LA’s Latinx metalhead community


“Whether it’s punk, hardcore, ska, goth, death rock, hip hop – Los Angeles and the youth within its borders have always been at home with subversive, against the grain music,” says Daniel Dismal. As the founder of Church of the 8th Day, Dismal has been promoting underground metal concerts in Los Angeles for over 15 years and seen the evolution of the city’s scene first hand. “A lot of times, music that’s gone the way of the dodo is still relevant within Los…

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Stefano Gabbana says sexual harassment is ‘not violence’

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

The fashion industry has been fraught with harassment, abuse and mistreatment, and now, people are giving survivors’ accounts the attention they should have had decades ago.

Nevertheless, Stefano Gabbana continues to vomit out some Bad Opinions. This time, in read more »

Adwoa Aboah narrates new film about nipple censorship


Why does the internet refuse to acknowledge female nipples? That’s a question Nowness is asking with the release of short film Nipples, directed by Matt Lambert and powerfully narrated by Adwoa Aboah, the latest in the video platform’s Define Beauty series.

A three-minute ode to the nipple, the film is a defiant missive against social media…

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The only photos you need to see from last month

Posturing: Photographing the Body in Fashion


Derek Ridgers documentation of subculture spans four decades, but the group he found himself most drawn to was the Skinheads and his fascination began in 1979. Two years later, struck by a couple with their arms around each other, Ridgers took this photo at a house party in London’s Stoke Newington in the early 80s.…

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Derek Ridgers   Derek Ridgers   Derek Ridgers   Derek Ridgers   Derek Ridgers   Derek Ridgers  
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The art programme hoping to bring new life to Detroit

Jose Mertz

Detroit is experiencing a cultural Renaissance. A city with a history marred by racial tensions, unemployment, a heavily decreasing population, and bankruptcy is now dubbed a place “for regeneration”. Red Bull’s House of Art is just one programme helping to inject life back into Downtown. Turning the gallery into a live-in residency programme, the House of Art acts as an incubator for local as well as national artists by providing…

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Jose Mertz   Jose Mertz   Jose Mertz   Jose Mertz   Jose Mertz  
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November 16 2017

Revisiting the best of Paolo Roversi’s work for Dazed

paolo roversi dazed robbie spencer comme des garçons fashion

To become a great fashion photographer, you need to have more than just a beautiful portfolio of images – it is also about creating a unique and recognisable style that people will instantly connect with you.

Among these sacred few is Paolo Roversi, whose dreamy portraits can be immediately recognised as his. To celebrate his legacy, the photographer is opening a new exhibition today at the read more »

paolo roversi dazed robbie spencer comme des garçons fashion paolo roversi dazed robbie spencer comme des garçons fashion paolo roversi dazed robbie spencer comme des garçons fashion paolo roversi dazed robbie spencer comme des garçons fashion paolo roversi dazed robbie spencer comme des garçons fashion paolo roversi dazed robbie spencer comme des garçons fashion 
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Jai Paul and A.K Paul release two tracks on new label

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 18.17.25

Jai Paul thrust himself back into the ‘limelight’ this week in typically low key fashion – his photo (the first in three years) appearing in a property magazine, as The Paul Institute, an artistic venture he has partnered on with his brother read more »

Missing gay Chechen refugee claims he was lying about abuse


Many are still concerned about the treatment of Russia’s LGBT community. This year has seen numerous reports of state supported violence in Chechnya, including encouraged honour killings, detaining and touring gay men.

A gay Chechen refugee, Movsar Eskerhanov, mysteriously disappeared for months, but has resurfaced to apologise for “disgracing” the public. He claimed the ordeal had been a media set up and that his coming out happened under the influence of his epilepsy…

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The first ever digital pill – Big Brother or breakthrough?


New technology in the form of a ‘digital pill’, which is attempting to revolutionise mental health treatment, has been approved for the first time by Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. Research continues into medication that’s embedded with a sensor, which tells doctors when and if patients take their pills. It’s called Abilify MyCite.

An ingestible nano sensor in the pill – made of copper, silicon and magnesium – tracks the medicine after you swallow it, sending information as…

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Does smoking weed make you more creative?

weed jarlos

Did smoking that joint instead of attending those lectures in your Fine Art degree get you closer to creative genius than that £9k a year you dropped? Probably not. But it turns out that differences in personality can explain the connection between creativity and marijuana use.

A study by Washington State University graduate, Emily LaFrance, has found that those who smoke weed are more open to new experiences than people who don’t. “Cannabis users tend to have different personality…

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